Month: February 2018

Should You Prune Your Trees?

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Pruning trees can be a controversial topic in the arboriculture world; when and when not to prune, which trees need pruning, how it should be done.  In general, we prune plants or trees to control their size, to produce a desirable shape, to increase vigor, and to increase flowering and fruiting.  However, experienced arborists and gardeners will tell you the best time to prune is whenever it is necessary – any time of the year!  The best rule of thumb is to not prune trees and shrubs during active growth.   The worst time to prune is when new leaves are first forming.  The best time to prune most trees and shrubs is during their dormant period, which is from December to February for most trees in Florida, just prior to bud formation in late winter.   

Dense Branches

There’s nothing wrong with a big, bushy tree. Or is there? When a storm or hurricane blows through town you want it to be able to blow through your tree branches as well. Leaving a tree unpruned could be dangerous to the tree and to your home if it catches too much wind. Consider pruning trees that you can’t see through the branches from the base of the tree, and you may save yourself some serious damage.

Dead Weight

Dead or dying branches should always be removed if they are over a house or driveway or an area that receives a lot of traffic, however, in some cases it is okay to leave dead limbs to fall on their own if they are in a natural area that does not receive much traffic. It is natural for trees to shed limbs, much like people shed hair, and in many cases it does not mean the tree is in decline. If a tree has more dead limbs than live ones, then it would be a great candidate for removal. If you are unsure if your tree has too many dead limbs, set an appointment with one of our arborists to assess your tree and help you decide if removing it or pruning it is best for its future.  

Wandering Branches

While your tree may be in a good spot, where it’s branches grow may be another story. When branches start approaching telephone poles and power lines, it’s time to prune. They may not pose an immediate threat, but it’s best to tackle the problem before it becomes a problem!  You also do not want tree limbs getting close to your house.  They can cause expensive damage to your roof or siding, when a simple pruning could have saved you hundreds of dollars.  

Some of these branches can be pruned by yourself fairly easily, but some branches require professionals to deal with them. If your trees seem to be getting a little out of control or potentially dangerous, contact Miller’s Tree Service for a free estimate and consultation. We’ll determine the best course of action and remove all potentially harmful branches.