Month: February 2020

How to Prepare Your Trees for Spring

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While it may seem that well-established trees on a person’s property are self-sufficient, most tree service specialists  agree on one point. Healthy trees are cared for and well-maintained, they don’t just happen to get healthy on their own. While many individuals think that trees are low to no-maintenance, quite the opposite is true. There is also a lot to be said for season-based care and maintenance. By keeping your trees healthy each season, your landscape investment will generate a good return.

If you want your trees to get off to a healthier start this spring, these 6 steps will ensure they’re prepared for the upcoming season:

Clean up your property – fallen fruit and small twigs that fall and accumulate over the winter should be raked up and disposed of. If you leave your holiday lights up well past New Year’s (You know who you are), now would be a good time to take them down and pack them away. Light strands that remain wrapped around trees can result in girdling.

Mulching – a 3” thick layer of mulch is what most tree service experts advise. Be careful not to put any up against the trunk as this will create a breeding ground for disease. Mulch promotes moisture retention of the soil and helps prevent weeds from growing.

Watering – wait until you’ve had the last frost and the spring begins to start your watering regimen. Regardless of the cooler temperatures, you never want to let your trees dry out. If you have a bubbler, drip, or sprinkler system (or all 3,) now is the time to check them out and ensure they’re working properly.

In addition to the three tasks above, it’s also the best time to contact an arborist or tree service specialist about inspecting your trees for diseases and pests. The winter dormancy period is also the best time to have your trees pruned and trimmed. Be sure to give your trees the once-over before they start budding out. If there is any damage or disease, this is the easiest time to spot it. The arborist is going look it over and explain the treatment plan for the benefit of your trees. That will ensure healthy and properly growing trees on your property.

If by some chance you discover something that just doesn’t look right, trust your instincts and contact an arborist or tree service specialist to come out and inspect your trees.

Stump Grinding – Should you hire a professional?

When a tree is removed on your property, you are probably left with a stump that needs to be removed. Should you choose to take on this unenviable task, don’t be surprised if you end up spending several days trying to get the stump out. Here’s why we recommend having all of your tree services done by a professional.

Complex stump grinding machinery

Some homeowners choose to rent stump grinders and try to do this themselves. Even though it may appear to be economical, learning how the controls of the stump grinding machine work and operating it safely is not so simple. Some machines are somewhat complex and only an expert understands how to do the job efficiently and safely.

Protective gear

Using a stump grinder without the necessary protective clothing is very dangerous. You need to have eye and ear protection when performing this activity. Experts in stump grinding are trained to know what is required to keep the process safe for them and everyone else on the property.

Initial preparation

Before any work begins, the area around the base of the stump must be well prepared. Professionals know what is required to make the process fast and efficient. For instance, removing rocks near the base of the stump helps to protect the grinding equipment from damage. The stump may also need to be trimmed close to the ground before using the grinder in order to make the process faster.

Safety guidelines

Stump grinding does have it’s risks. A professional must ensure that the grinder is in good condition before work begins. A faulty stump grinder can cause serious harm to the worker and other people around the property. Stump removers know what kind of stumps they can work on and the best method of finishing the job efficiently. Kids and pets should be kept away at all times during removal.

It’s cost effective

If you consider the cost of renting a stump grinder, safety gear and all other tools needed for this kind of project, along with time spent, you’re better off hiring stump removers to come and do the job right the first time. With a professional you don’t have to be overwhelmed trying to figure out how a powerful machine like a stump grinder works or how to operate the controls.  All these tasks are handled by someone that knows.

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