Month: September 2022

When Trees Go Down in a Storm – 9 Tips on What to Expect After Severe Weather

When a severe weather or a hurricane causes damage in Tallahassee, our top priority will be homes hit by trees. In a case of widespread damage, downed trees in yards will be scheduled after those on homes.

In times of emergency, Miller’s Tree Service has a large team to help service our area as best as possible. We will have at least 12 crews and at least 6 cranes at our disposal to help with emergency clean up.

Tree on house after severe weather.

Here are a few things to remember no matter which tree company you use:

  1. Call us first, then your insurance company, then a roofer or contractor of choice. Have your insurance information ready at the time of the call.
  2. Do not pay any vendor up front for any work and always ask for a copy of their insurance.
  3. We know it is a difficult time, but please be patient! Thousands of calls will be coming in and they will be prioritized based on location, severity and order of the call.
  4. We will only be handling trees on houses and structures until those are cleared up.
  5. If you have trees in your yard, they will have to wait until trees on houses are finished. You can still call us to get in the queue for yard clean up.
  6. Please understand, your yard may get damaged. With it being very wet and a large volume of work to do, your yard and driveway may get damaged more than if it was a regular tree job. We will make every effort to minimize this damage, but in emergency situations, we can’t spend extra time trying to protect the yard.
  7. Once the tree is removed from your house, it may be weeks before we get back to do a final cleanup of your yard. Again, be patient, as there is a large volume of damage across town.
  8. Your debris will be stacked by the road possibly for weeks. We will either give you a price to haul it later, or the city or FEMA will haul it.
  9. We will not be tarping or repairing roofs. Have a roofer or contractor on your short list of vendors.


Thank you for trusting us through the years with all of your tree care needs. We love our community and pride ourselves on our quality of work and the relationships we build with each customer. Call us for the emergency of a downed tree at 850.894.TREE (8733). Please be safe and God Bless!