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Top 5 Topics of 2022 – Tallahassee Palms, Oaks, Camellias and More!

top 5 of 2022 blogs for azaleas palm trees crape myrtle camellias and oak trees in Tallahassee

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How do I trim my crape myrtles? Is that a water oak or white oak in the front yard? Which palm trees will take the cold temps we get in Tallahassee? We have been answering these questions and more in our blogs on In case you missed the blog about this being the best time of year to plant camellias, it’s included in our TOP 5 of 2022! 

Proper Pruning of Crape Myrtles

Crape myrtle trees are a popular landscape staple in the Big Bend area. Vibrant blooms combined with interesting bark patterns make this deciduous tree gorgeous year-round. Most varieties lend themselves to having the classic vase-like shape with multiple trunks and strong branches arching outwards. January thru March are the perfect time for pruning crape myrtles in the Big Bend area. 

Following the seven simple steps outlined in this article will go a long way toward keeping your crape myrtle healthy and thriving. You may enjoy the newly pruned view so much this season that adding a few more varieties to your landscape becomes a goal. We have included a few of our favorite crape myrtles for inspiration! Click here for more crape myrtle information! 

Proper pruning of crape myrtles with pink flowers


Azaleas in Tallahassee – Perfect Spring Color Under Your Trees

Azaleas in bloom – our local Tallahassee sign that spring is here. The bursts of red, white and pink are often a splash of color under or around trees, taking advantage of much-needed shade. While new varieties offer new colors and bloom seasons, the best practices on planting, pruning and general care remain the same. Let’s explore how to have the healthiest and happiest (more blooms) azaleas in your Tallahassee neighborhood! 

Azaleas Thrive in Companion Planting with Trees

While some of the new varieties of azalea have more sun tolerance, many favorites are what our parents and their parents planted – shade-loving shrubs. A classic southern location for azaleas is under the shade of larger trees, gathered in groups or planted as a surround for the tree trunks. Whether the tradition of pairing shade trees and azaleas sprung from practicality or whimsy, the results provide a perfect balance for your spring bloomers. For more about Azaleas, click here! 

Azalea care in Tallahassee pruning planting and placement


A Tallahassee Guide to the Best Palm Trees for North Florida

Palm trees come in all shapes and sizes, but not all are meant for our Tallahassee weather. Luckily, some of the most beautiful palm trees for North Florida offer a wide variety of choices in frond shape, height and silhouette. Whether you chose the shorter Pindo or taller Sabal palm, be aware that palms are different from trees with their own best practices for care. 

Pick up any plant label and you see a hardiness zone number. The U.S. Department of Agriculture divides the United States into zones ranging from 1-13 with Zone 1 being the coldest and Zone 13 the warmest. If a palm has a temperature range of Miami’s Zone 11, planting it in Tallahassee’s Zone 8 means it will likely not survive our colder winter temperatures. For the blog on Zone 8 hardy palms and downloadable palm tree guide, click here. 

Best palm trees for Tallahassee and north Florida


How to Identify Florida Oak Trees Around Tallahassee  

There are around 600 oak varieties in the world, 90 of which are native to the United States. Considering oak trees have a wide variety of leaf shapes – sometimes on the same tree – it’s no wonder people get confused between laurel and live oaks. We have put together an article with some of the popular oaks in our area so you can identify the trees by their leaves and acorns. The accompanying notes will also help you identify potential issues and decide on new varieties for your landscape.  

For more information about local oaks, including drawings to help you identify which ones are in your yard or favorite park, read the blog here! 

How to identify local oak trees in Tallahassee and the Big bend area


Camellia Care in Tallahassee

When landscapes feel barren during our winter months in north Florida, any bursts of color you see are likely coming from Camellias. For centuries, these evergreen shrubs have been the choice of royalty and common gardeners alike. Luckily, camellia care is easy – the harder part is choosing among the thousands of varieties. 

The Sasanqua and Japonica species are most common in the Big Bend, with thousands of hybrids producing a wide array of flower forms and sizes. Both species are evergreen, able to provide privacy as hedges or grown alone to provide cool weather color. The Japonica species tends to be larger in size while the Sasanqua species tends to have smaller but more numerous flowers with more notable fragrance. There is even a camelia named “Tallahassee Girl!” For more information about selection, planting and care of camellias in our area, visit the blog here. 

Camellia selection and care in Tallahassee by Millers Tree Service

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