Month: October 2023

Stump Removal 101: Why You Should Call the Professionals

When you arrange for a tree to be cut down and removed from your yard, you may be left with an unwelcome surprise at the end – the tree stump. Many homeowners think to themselves, “I’ve already invested in the cost of having this tree removed. Maybe I can just tackle the stump removal myself.” 

While do-it-yourself stump removal is certainly possible, it’s not something most experts recommend. Between the preparation, risks and costs involved, here’s why you should leave stump removal to the professionals. 

Prep Work 

Before any work begins, the area around the base of the stump must be well prepared. For instance, removing rocks near the base of the stump helps to protect the grinding equipment from damage. The stump may also need to be trimmed close to the ground before using the grinder to make the process faster.   

Stump grinding is often more time-consuming and potentially dangerous than most homeowners expect. Professionals know what is required to make the process fast, efficient and safe. 

Expensive Equipment  

Next, you will need to either purchase or rent the equipment to remove the stump. For many types of outdoor or gardening projects, this might make sense, but learning how to safely operate a stump grinding machine is not simple and can take valuable time. You may find that renting this equipment for one, then two or even three days can add up – equaling the cost of hiring a professional in the first place.  

Stump grinding equipment

You should also factor in the cost of protective gear. Using a stump grinder without the necessary protection is very dangerous. You need eye and ear protection when performing this activity. 

In addition to the cost of equipment, DIY attempts may result in damage to your property, which means costly repairs. 

Safety Risks 

Stump grinding involves heavy machinery, sharp blades and potential flying debris. Kids and pets should always be kept away during removal. Professionals are trained to handle these hazards, minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries that can occur during DIY attempts.  A faulty stump grinder can cause serious harm to the worker and other people around the property.   

Professionals know how to ensure that the grinder is in good condition before work begins. They also have knowledge about what kind of stumps they can work on and the best method of finishing the job efficiently. Some machines are complex and only an expert may understand how to do the job efficiently and safely.  

Project Completion 

Professionals ensure that the stump, as well as the tree’s root system which is often extensive, is entirely removed. This is crucial to prevent regrowth and potential issues with nearby structures or landscaping features. 

Wood chips and debris left from stump grinding

Imagine working in the hot sun for several days, paying for expensive equipment and trying to figure out how to operate a stressful machine all to realize that the stump, despite all your efforts, is stubbornly still around. Or you think you’ve removed it, only to realize that you did not get the entire root system, and it begins to regrow. This is an unfortunate reality for many homeowners who attempt stump removal on their own.  

There’s also the cleanup to consider. Stump removal generates a considerable amount of wood chips and debris. Professionals will either manage the mulch in the area left by the removal or may offer to remove it for a small additional cost, saving homeowners the hassle of figuring out how to manage the waste. 

Adding it All Up 

Stump removal is serious business, and is usually more than a weekend yard warrior will want to tackle. You may want to consider saving the costs of renting a stump grinder, safety gear and all other tools needed. You can save time and stay safe by hiring stump removers to come do the job right the first time.  

When you hire Miller’s Tree Service for your stump removal, you can trust that the job will be done safely, efficiently and correctly the first time. Our careful preparation and attention to detail ensure that your yard will be protected from potential damage, with as little debris left behind as possible. Save yourself the hassle and schedule your stump removal with Millers Tree Service today.