Month: November 2023

The Lichgate Oak and More: Do You Know These Scenic Tallahassee Trees?

Tallahassee is known for its canopy roads, historic college campuses and natural scenic beauty. The highlight of that beauty is perhaps the variety of beautiful trees – many of which carry decades of meaning and tradition for the community. How well do you know the natural landscapes of the capital city? Here’s a guide to Tallahassee’s most scenic trees – both individual and in groups – and where you can find them. 

1. The Lichgate Oak 

When you reference, “Tallahassee trees,” most residents immediately picture the famous Lichgate Oak. Estimated to be over 300 years old, it’s one of the oldest living landmarks in the city. It was purchased by Dr. Laura Pauline Jepsen, an FSU professor, who bought the three-acre property because she loved the tree. She built her home, named Lichgate, on High Road. The cottage and oak tree together create a picturesque and serene setting that has become a beloved symbol of Tallahassee’s history and natural beauty. 

Today, the property has been designated as a Tallahassee Historic Landmark, emphasizing its importance as a cultural and natural heritage site.  Visitors can tour the grounds and the beautiful tree for free at 1401 High Road. The park is also a popular venue for weddings and other events.  

Where to visit:  Lichgate on High Road 

2. Canopy Roads 

Tallahassee is also famous for its scenic canopy roads: tree-lined streets that provide a picturesque and shaded drive.  

While many roads in town are surrounded by beautiful trees, these nine have been officially designated as the city’s canopy roads by Leon County: 

Where to Visit: Tallahassee’s Canopy Roads 

3. Park Avenue Chain of Parks  

For the next scenic view, visitors can venture downtown to Tallahassee’s oldest continuous green space, the Park Avenue Chain of Parks. It comprises a series of parks connected by a pedestrian-friendly corridor along Park Avenue. The city lights up the beautiful trees during the holiday season, including many live oaks  in addition to redbuds, saucer magnolias and camellias.   

Each year, the Park Avenue Chain of Parks is home to the popular, and free, Chain of Parks Art Festival.  

Where to Visit: Park Avenue Historic Chain of Parks 

4. Maclay Gardens 

Another “must-see” spot to visit in Tallahassee is the Maclay Gardens, a botanical garden and state park. The gardens were first established in 1923 by Alfred B. and Louise Maclay as a winter home. Today, the park offers several walking trails that wind through the gardens, allowing visitors to explore the diverse plant life and natural beauty.  

While most famous for its camellias, it’s also home to beautiful towering live oaks, dogwoods and azaleas. Residents enjoy several popular seasonal events, including A Camellia Christmas in December. 

Where to Visit: Maclay Gardens State Park 

5. The Big Oak (Thomasville, GA) 

Located a short drive from Tallahassee, the Big Oak in Thomasville, GA is another notable tree in the area. With a towering height of over 165 feet, it was famously photographed by President Eisenhower, who was impressed by the tree’s beauty. 

Photo Courtesy of Visit Georgia 

Visitors can even get their picture taken with this historic tree via the Big Oak Cam – just dial (229) 236-0053 on your smart phone, follow the directions and then find your photo in the online gallery at   

Where to Visit: The Big Oak 

Caring for Tallahassee’s Trees 

At Miller’s Tree Service, we love the trees that make Tallahassee “home,” from the famous Lichgate Oak to the oak trees in your front yard. That’s why we’re here to help you keep your trees happy, healthy and thriving for years to come. Contact us today to schedule a FREE arborist consultation.