Native Floridian Trees

With over 50 native tree types in Florida, it’s entirely possible you have more than a couple of species in your backyard! Although not all trees you see are native, they are usually easy to determine; they tend to thrive more in the ever-changing climates of the Florida Panhandle. Here are just a few of the most popular native trees in Florida.

Live Oak

The native Live Oak is definitely one of the most popular trees in the North Florida area, especially in Tallahassee. Characterized by its massive trunk and large limbs, they tend to be draped in Spanish moss, and produce a lot of shade. With the average size being 60 feet tall and 80 feet wide, they need a LOT of room to grow. If planted in the perfect area, they can develop for centuries. However, if you plan to add this tree to your landscape, you must be sure to do plenty of pruning when it is growing in its early years. When it’s older, the wood it immensely strong and durable to even hurricane winds.  Live oaks are one of the safest and most stress resistant trees in our area. They handle the impacts from construction, storms, stress and disease as well as or better than any tree we have in the South.

Southern Magnolia

Although not as common as the Live Oak, you may just have a Southern Magnolia tree in your front yard! They love the light, so at their tallest point, they can grow to be around 75 feet tall. During the spring and summer months, a Southern Magnolia is attributed for its’ beautiful cream-colored flowers that can grow up to 12” in diameter! However, even when the blooms are not in season, the tree manages to keep most of its’ leathery green leave.

Eastern Redbud

As far as flowering trees go, this one takes the cake! Although its’ size isn’t large – only about 25 feet at maturity – the blooms that this tree puts out in spring sure are. Along the bare branches, clusters of pink or white flowers appear to beautify your landscape.   However, they don’t last forever! In the summer, the flowers will fall and be replaced with dark green leaves – perfect for any Florida front yard.