Tree Removal

Tree removal is a necessary part of arboriculture. Tree removals are performed to eliminate dead and dying trees as well as those that have become hazardous. Removals can also be beneficial in eliminating competition for light and space so that the remaining plants are better able to grow and thrive. In some cases, trees may be removed to allow for new construction, property additions and to provide clearances with those structures.


Tree removal is also considered to be the most hazardous aspect of arboriculture. Often, tree care professionals must remove trees growing in confined spaces near houses, utility lines and other sensitive areas. Tree removal requires considerable expertise to successfully perform this service.

Our staff at Miller’s Tree Service are highly trained to work safely and efficiently in all tree removals. We take pride in our thorough clean up of debris and strive to minimize the impact to surrounding vegetation. Our goal is to provide services that keep trees healthy, but there are certain instances when removal is the best alternative for the landscape and homeowner.